Will Riot Games bring Valorant to consoles?

Valorant has been one of the most popular games since 2020, and players are wondering if the game will come to consoles. Lately job advertisement It suggests that it may come to consoles in the future. The PC-exclusive game will give players what they want. Riot Games offered two jobs specifically seeking console-based FPS experience. This means they can look forward to taking their game to the next level.

After launch in 2020, Riot has never raised the issue of expanding the game to other platforms. But this latest event, and the arrival of Valorant as a mobile game and developers needing console game designers, marks the expansion of Valorant.

A recent leak in August 2022 also revealed that the game has added new icons for PlayStation and Xbox Controls to its game files. Their partnership with Microsoft also hints that Riot plans to bring the game to consoles.

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Will Valorant come to consoles? If yes, when?

Will Riot Games Bring Valorant to Console?
Will Riot Games Bring Valorant to Consoles? (Image from Aquarius Twitter)

According to the job listing, there are two positions posted by Riot Games: Senior Designer and Design Manager. Job listings indicate a focus on console-based platforms and specifically require candidates to meet the following requirements:

• ‘Solid understanding of the console FPS market’
• “At least one console-based AAA+ online competitive game submitted or worked on”
• “Multi-platform development experience: PC, Mobile, Console”

For console game designers and executives, the Riot listing jobs clearly hint that the organization has serious plans to bring the popular FPS game to consoles. However, no official announcement has yet been made that Valorant will come to console, and players will have to wait. As everything indicates that the game is coming to console, players can wait for the official announcement very soon.

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