Chamber will see strong nerfs in Valorant Patch 5.12

valiant It’s nerfing another character, and this time it’s Chamber again. This will be Chamber’s second nerf in two months. Nerf involves reducing the distance the Chamber can teleport to, as well as removing the teleport anchor’s cooldown after being destroyed.

The room grid dominates competitive play, using their formidable abilities to instantly escape tight spaces. Room outlines will no longer be able to front-aim at all angles of the map.

Valorant took to Twitter to announce that they will weaken Chamber in the next Patch note. Here is what they have to say:

"Chamber's remained a dominant pick and we need to strike the right balance between preserving his identity and maintaining VALORANT’s game health. So we're making changes to most of his abilities in Patch 5.12."

Chamber is the most beloved character in the game, and once players begin to grasp his abilities, there is nothing to stop them. But the character was so strong that Riot had to weaken his abilities to keep the game fair.

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Chamber gets angry at Valorant patch 5.12 notes

Valorant Chamber nerfs
Valorant character Chamber gets nerfed for a second every two months (image from Riot games)

Chamber had been an unstoppable force for some time. He’s seen him dominate top tier Competitive matches. Riot decided to piss him off again, and according to a report, “The team discussed and tested various ways to balance Chamber” which means this patch note will introduce a whole new Room.

Here are all the changes Chamber went through in this patch note:

Headhunter (Q)

  • Updated Stability Curve
    • The spread increased after the 2nd bullet when spamming. This is obviously to reduce spam with low-precision body-hitting as an effective combat measure.

Meeting (E)

  • Chamber now places a single anchor that can teleport while within range
    • Radius increased 15m >>> 26m
  • Teleport activation height restriction removed
    • You can teleport to the Anchor while in different verticals as long as you are within the radius of the Anchor.
  • Increased weapon equip time after teleporting 0.4 seconds >>> 0.7 seconds
    • Headhunter is unaffected by this change
  • Destroying the Rendezvous teleport anchor now disables it for the rest of the turn instead of going on cooldown.
  • Chamber no longer suffers an additional cooldown when he recalls his Anchor after teleporting.

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Trademark (C)

  • Trap is now range restricted
    • The trademark deactivates when the Chamber is out of range, and reactivates when he enters.
  • Can now be recalled mid-round
    • No line of sight required
  • 30s cooldown on recall
    • Destruction remains permanent
  • First Arm Time increased by 2 sec >> 4 sec
  • Increased Health 1 >> 20
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Power Lap (X)

  • Fire rate decreased by 57.5%


  • this applies to both Brand and Power Tour
  • Reduced time 6 sec >> 4 sec

The main purpose of this change in abilities was to:

  • Strike a considerable balance with initial angle strength. counter game streets
  • drive more deliberate, deliberate, planned intended for installation

Rebellion also said: “Our hope is that as players engage in the battle-focused gameplay cycle that draws many of you into the Chamber, they can provide more opportunities for opponents to engage in counterplay. We are committed to ensuring that each Agent presents healthy strengths and weaknesses, both within their role and within the broader tactical cycle.”

Will Chamber continue to be a mandatory agent that players will run to dock with even after these changes? Feel free to leave your comments.

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