Valorant Night Market 2022: Release date and other details

Rebel Valorant drops the Night Market once per Scene, and it’s time for the current Law to drop the Night Market. A recent tweet from Valorant reveals that Night Market will make a comeback on December 7 and will stay until January 2023.

The Night Market is the most popular feature in the Valorant community. Discounted weapon skins appear in almost every match. All players should get excited about the drop and hope they get their favorite gun skin on the roll.

The Valorant Night Market randomly drops once every Curtain and the player eagerly awaits its launch as the deals in this particular store are mind-blowing. There are six weapon skins available to players at a discounted price. Skins are not selected; they are randomly selected to take part in the night market.

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Valorant Night Market will return on December 7th

Valorant Night Market 2022
An older Valorant Night Market (image via Valorantwiki)

Valorant Night Market is expected to return on December 7, 2022. This Night Market is special as it will remain active for 27 days until January 4, 2023. Night Market.

Valorant Night Market is an exclusive Store offering weapons and melee skins at a discounted price. This Night Market can be found in the upper right corner of the home screen. Click on the card logo and players will see a new window with 6 cards, just click on the card and check out the discounted weapon skins. Weapon skins are usually offered at a 20-30% discount.

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Riot also implemented a Bad Luck Protection guarantee 2 years ago as a result of criticism from the community. This protection ensures that deals won’t disappoint.

A tweet from Valorant states: “If you don’t own every Premium Edition skin, you will get at least two premium skins in your pool. You cannot get more than 2 of the same weapon.” This will naturally increase the variety of offers on offer, meaning players will get either two premium skins or one Melee skin and one premium skin.

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