Terror at Marvel: Spider-Man’s new comic is horrifying!

Comics (comics) have been extremely popular for decades, and today they are one of the main components of pop, geek and nerd culture. Marvel is, without a doubt, one of the largest comic book producers in the world, with the most famous character in its books being the spectacular Spider-Man.

The hero has already been part of major titles and his comics captivate all generations of fans. Additionally, Peter Parker’s adventures excite readers with a mix of genres such as drama, action, adventure, romance and comedy.

Although there are many Spidey tales, Marvel is always innovating, and this time it has prepared one of the most shocking and diverse stories in its comics.

A new script is being prepared and brings fans a never-before-seen experience, with the neighborhood friend starring in a chilling horror story.

Spider-Man will get a horror comic at Marvel

Image: Juan Ferreyra/Marvel Comics/Reproduction

It’s not so common to see hero comics incorporating very different themes and genres. In general, short stories have a similar structure. But the great Marvel decided to explore a new path for Spider-Man and will release a scary comic book for fans who love the horror genre.

This new production, already titled “Spine-Tingling Spider-Man”, is written by Saladin Ahmed and will show Peter facing the terrible “Sleep-Stealer”, with right to suspense and horrifying scenes of immersion in deep nightmares illustrated by the incredible Juan Ferreyra.

The experience promised to readers seems to be incredible, and the writer himself revealed the art of the comics.

“The real star here is Juan Ferreyra’s mind-bending, visionary work, which is truly some of the best spider art I’ve ever seen.”

Screenwriter’s statement and release date

Saladin seems happy with his production and exudes anxiety for the release of the comic.

“Spine-Tingling Spider-Man is one of the best projects I’ve ever worked on and I’m so happy to see it released. We’re putting Peter through a grueling horror movie test… And that resilient spirit of his will be tested like never before!”

The magazine “Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #0” will be published and available for sale in September this year. This different approach to Spider-Man’s story could open up a new space for the comic book universe, with an exploration of the artistic world of horror in the most diverse heroes.

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