10 most successful exclusive streaming series in 2023

In a year full of original series from streamingnone managed to rival the phenomenon that was the live-action ‘One Piece’, made available by Netflix in August 2023.

The Wrap revealed that the production based on the acclaimed anime won the title of biggest exclusive streaming series of the year, surpassing other major productions, such as Disney+’s ‘Ahsoka’.

Most successful exclusive series

In addition to the adaptation of the acclaimed anime, the Netflix dominated the Top 10 ranking with other prominent productions, such as ‘Round 6: The Challenge’ and ‘A Queda da Casa Usher’.

Top 10 exclusive streaming series in 2023:

  1. ‘One Piece’ (Netflix) – 52.8x

  2. Ahsoka‘ (Disney+) – 50.7x

  3. ‘Secret Invasion’ (Disney+) – 42.1x

  4. ‘Gen V’ (Prime Video) – 38.5x

  5. ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ (Prime Video) – 36.9x

  6. ‘Blue-Eyed Samurai’ (Netflix) – 32.2x

  7. ‘Monarch – Legacy of Monsters’ (Apple TV+) – 30.2x

  8. ‘The Night Agent’ (Netflix) – 30.1x

  9. ‘Round 6: The Challenge’ (Netflix) – 29.2x

  10. ‘The Fall of House Usher’ (Netflix) – 29.1x

The first season of the live-action ‘One Piece’, released in August, brought to life the exciting adventures of the Straw Hat gang, led by Monkey D. Luffy.

The success was so resounding that the production has already been renewed for a second season, which will adapt the Alabasta saga.

At this stage, viewers will be able to witness the pirates’ confrontation with Baroque Works, introducing characters such as Chopper, the little medical reindeer who joins Luffy’s crew.

For longtime fans, the ‘One Piece’ adaptation is an incredible addition to the rich universe created by Eiichiro Oda.

The manga series, which debuted in Weekly Shōnen Jump in 1997, tells the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew in search of the world’s most sought-after treasure, One Piece.

The live-action on Netflix not only captivated a massive amount of people, but further solidified the franchise’s status as a global phenomenon that transcends generations.

Anticipation for the second season and future adaptations remains high, as fans wait to embark on exciting new journeys alongside the Straw Hat pirates.

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