Ads even in games: Netflix plans changes to the platform’s games

A report from The Wall Street Journal raised the alarm for subscribers to the company’s gaming service Netflix — the platform plans to add advertisements in the games section.

What already happens with series, films and documentaries, therefore, should be extended to other tabs. The gaming service was launched in November 2021 and has its own catalog, with titles selected by players from the application.

The idea is to implement ads in the most basic subscription plan, as is already the case with other types of content. Other than that, the plan must also affect the types of games offered.

According to the report, Netflix plans to add larger-scale games, but charging a additional fee for them. So far, the platform has not officially commented on the case.

Low adherence

Netflix games are accessed by less than 1% of the platform’s total subscribers – Photo: Reproduction

The measure appears as an attempt to counter the poor results achieved by the games catalogue. A 2022 survey revealed that less than 1% of Netflix’s subscriber base uses the service.

This equates to just 1.7 million people, out of more than 221 million subscribers. It is likely that the scenario has changed a little since 2022, but the platform, apparently, is still facing the challenge of increasing this number.

A clear sign of this is the continuity in investments. Vice president of Netflix’s gaming division, Mike Verdu, announced that around 90 titles are in the development phase. Today, the tab games The platform has 86 published games.

Big names in the catalog

Among the highlights are: ‘Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy’, ‘Football Manager 24 Mobile’ and ‘Death’s Door’, as well as games created by Netflix itself.

The company entered into a partnership with Ubisoft to offer the sequels to ‘Valiant Hearts: The Great War’ and ‘Mighty Quest’.

For 2024, the addition of other renowned names is expected, such as ‘Sonic Mania Plus’, ‘Hades’, ‘Katana Zero’, ‘Braid: Anniversary Edition’, ‘Dead Cells: Netflix Edition’, as well as a game inspired by universe of the series ‘Round 6 (Squid Game)‘.

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