Uber: drivers can find you anytime

Starting July 15, Uber users will have to decide on the app’s new terms of use. The San Francisco-based company announces that it has revised its authorization terms; that’s good, but it also means your smartphone has a permanent geolocation.

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Of course, this will only apply if you authorize the app to do so. Uber explains This follow-up is necessary to increase its effectiveness.. The application is constantly running in the background, providing a continuous calculation of your GPS location, thus transmitting your exact location to the contacted driver. No more placing pins on the map like before.

What developments can be expected?

If it is true that the method appears intrusive or even disturbing, it may still make it possible to designate more prominent meeting points at the exit of favorite places. It also helpsdetailing shorter trips result in lower fares. Uber also aims to access your directories to send promotions and other offers to those around you. A loyalty process that you can refuse if you wish.

This new permanent geolocation policy could lead to further improvements, such as predicting driver requests by determining the flow of users in a place without any requests being made (for example, during a concert), or simply knowing at what level. Your meeting point if you’re on the go. Get this real-time monitoring so that some disappointments can be avoidedespecially when a customer encounters a driver in a hurry and vice versa, when the driver encounters a lost customer.

This isn’t Uber’s first controversial announcement. A while ago, when the “God View” thing stirred up society and ethical questions about user traceability were raised. So, is it a possible Big Brother’s growing power or the innocent development of a private transportation service? It’s up to you to judge.

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