Top 5 tennis games on Android

Summer is here and you want to get some exercise. You might be tempted by some tennis because you’ve been lacking since the end of Roland-Garros, but you’re all alone to play. That’s okay because there are quite a few tennis games available today on smartphones and tablets. Here a selection of the top five It can be played on Android.

stickman tennis

the power of it stickman tennis Developing the successful Stickman game series on Android. Its rather simple gameplay will surely appeal to beginners and anyone who is not used to playing tennis games. In fact, the player does not manage the player’s movements (at least in the default settings) and is only concerned with directing his shots and choosing what type of shot to hit the ball (forehand, backhand or lob). Free, Stickman Tennis offers some in-app purchases, but they are not required.

Stickman Tennis on Google Play Store

tennis bat

Smash Tennis 3D: The best tennis games on Android

To avoid confusion with the previous title, tennis bat It is a much more tense and fast game. Again, the player controls the trajectory of the ball by simply swiping his finger. It’s well made and very fluid, featuring numerous tournaments and game modes, as well as the names of real players like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal or Pete Sampras for the nostalgic. While it is certainly possible to play without paying, we still regret the somewhat restrictive economic model in its free version.

Stick Tennis on Google Play Store

3D Tennis

Tennis 3D: The best tennis games on Android

Don’t be fooled by the unattractive French title (Le tennis chiquenaudé 3D), 3D Tennis or as it’s real name, Flick Tennis is a very good tennis game for Android. With pleasing 3D graphics, the presence of official players (though their names have been changed for legal reasons), and surfaces from four Grand Slam tournaments, Tennis 3D is a good choice for those who want to play the occasional game. Its only flaw: two unique game modes, show and tournament, the latter very restricting access and encouraging you to put your hand in your pocket.

Tennis 3D on Google Play Store

tennis 3d smash

Stick Tennis: The best tennis games on Android

Unlike most of the other free Android games mentioned in this article, tennis 3d smash It does not shine with the very simple graphic aspect. Indeed, there is no player on the screen and the player is simply controlling a floating racket, which can be confusing. But Smash Tennis 3D is also fun, plays with reflexes rather than strategy, and hits are very reactive. Again, the game is free to play but a limited version can be unlocked with ads and a premium version in-game.

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Smash Tennis 3D on Google Play Store

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenge: The best tennis games on Android

The last game in these top 5 is also the only paid game, although it only has a free version that includes five training exercises. However Virtua Tennis Challenge It has Sega experience with its flagship license, which is the most known of tennis games with its Top Spin series. Multiple camera angles, 50 players, 18 stadiums, full career mode… Virtua Tennis Challenge is the most complete and successful tennis game available on Android. Count 4.49 euros to have the full version of the game.

Virtua Tennis Challenge on Google Play Store

That’s it, among the best tennis games on Android that will keep you hitting the little yellow ball all summer long. And do you play one of these games or another tennis game on Android that you prefer more? As a bonus we give you the Tennis Temple app because we are good 😉

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