Messenger and Instagram postpone end-to-end encryption of messages until 2023

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Meta, which owns the social media giants Facebook and Instagram as well as the messaging service WhatApp, said that this will take time: do things well » and is committed to working for finding a balance between privacy and online security.

Although the arrival of end-to-end encryption of messages on Instagram and Messenger was originally planned for 2022, The company has now stated that it will not arrive before 2023. As a reminder, voice and video calls are already end-to-end encrypted on Messenger, but that’s still not the case for messages. End-to-end encryption on WhatsApp has been widely criticized recently, with Facebook allegedly lying about it.

Why is Meta delaying the deployment of end-to-end encryption?

The delay is due to concerns about user security and Meta’s desire to provide end-to-end encryption. does not prevent it from helping monitor criminal activity on its platforms. In fact, since end-to-end encryption means messages are only seen by the sender and recipient, this can make it difficult to detect any abuse or criminal activity on the platform.

Last year, the then UK children’s commissioner Anne Longfield announced plans for social media companies to strengthen encryption in their messaging services. makes it impossible for platforms to control content, putting children at greater risk and preventing police from collecting vital evidence of child sexual abuse.

But he has already accused TikTok of collecting millions of children’s data, so it’s important to put a limit on user surveillance. Therefore, it will take a few more years for platforms to implement features that guarantee the privacy of user purchases. ensuring we can continue to detect inappropriate behavior.

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