Radiohead song released in 2007 resurfaces and stays at the top on Spotify in a mysterious way

The dynamics of platforms streaming and social networks have the power to rescue and boost music from the past, placing them in the spotlight in the current scenario, as happened with “Running Up That Hill”, by Kate Bush, which became popular after appearing in “Stranger Things”.

But recently, a song from Radiohead’s 16-year-old album “In Rainbows” has caught the attention of music lovers and dominated the charts.

This is “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”, which has been winning over listeners and reaching surprising milestones. At the time this article was written, for example, the accountant at Spotify indicated that the track had already been listened to more than 120 million times.

To put into perspective how much attention this song has gained, it is 35 million plays away from another song from the same album, “Weird Fishes”.

This fact is especially notable, considering that “Jigsaw Falling Into Place” managed to surpass other hits by the band that had a significant impact in its time, such as the acclaimed “Fake Plastic Trees”. The question that hangs in the air is: what led to this sudden popularity of a track released more than a decade and a half ago?

What is the explanation?

There is speculation about the possibility that Spotify’s algorithm is favoring “Jigsaw Falling Into Place” in personalized playlists for users. Many reported that the song has been frequently suggested, even to those who have no history of listening to similar songs.

It shows up in every single playlist generated for me by spotify, even though I’ve never listened to it

— Gumtree 🧙‍♂️ (@digumtree) September 24, 2023

In earlier times, a boost of this kind was usually credited to the influence of platforms like TikTokwhere old songs can gain new perspective through viral trends.

However, when searching for the Radiohead track on the social network, only a modest presence of 2,500 videos using the song is discovered. Some of these clips have garnered thousands of views, but it doesn’t seem to be the main reason for the track’s revival.

Despite the explosion in popularity, the reasons for this feat remain a mystery. Thom Yorke’s band has always been known for its timeless hits, such as “Creep”, which has accumulated more than 1 billion reproductions. However, the phenomenon of “Jigsaw Falling Into Place” is a surprise even by the standards of Radiohead.

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