Google will clean inactive accounts, follow this procedure to avoid losing yours

Google wants to clean up their servers. Company announcement in press release Starting this year, Workspace content (Gmail, Docs, Drive , Meet, Calendar), YouTube and Google Photos”, if a Google Account has not been used or logged in for at least two years.

This desire to free up space is understandable when you know that most of the 36 TB (approximately) data that internet users generate every second is contributed by Mountain View’s online services. Gmail is one of the most popular email clients in the world and is likely 340 billion and more emails are sent every day worldwide However, it is security, not lack of space, that Google uses to motivate this decision.

Google accounts that have not been used for two years will disappear along with their content.

According to the company, “If an account has not been used for a long time, it is more likely to be compromised. In the effect, forgotten or untracked accounts may have been compromised These accounts are often vulnerable, and when an account is compromised, Can be used for identity theft or to distribute malware.

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This measure will not be implemented only from December 2023 through a “progressive approach” starting with accounts that were never used after they were created. To ensure that your account is considered active, you only need to do one of the following:

  • To read or send email with Gmail,
  • To use Google Drive,
  • watch a video on youtube,
  • Download an app from Google Play Store,
  • To use Google Search
  • or select Sign in with Google to sign in to a third-party app or service

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