Apple: Mixed reality headset will be available in June 2023, that’s for sure

In the small world of technology, Ming Chi Kuo’s word has almost prophetic value. So the analyst said it was “probablyApple to announce long-awaited AR/VR mixed reality headset During the WWDC in June, we can say that “a revolution is coming. Years of research and development have paid off,” according to the expert, and the Cupertino company is “ready to announce its new device.”

If the rumor that a pair of AR glasses, Apple Glass, is being developed in Apple Park’s labs has been around for a long time, it’s ultimately the development of a virtual reality helmet that the company is focusing its efforts on. As early as March 2023, sources close to the firm claimed that Tim Cook wanted to rush the launch of the AR/VR headset, even if it didn’t appear to be ready for release at the time.

Apple may present its Reality Pro AR/VR headset as early as WWDC in June 2023

Apple Reality Pro, the unofficial name given to the AR/VR headset by the press, is said to have not been as successful as its designers would have liked. Moreover – but is it really a surprise when we talk about Apple? — should reserve the price only for the wealthiest customers. However, as with many other electronic devices, the company will undoubtedly stand out from the competition.

While the apple brand has never really been a pioneer, it still manages to impose its products as it has always been. references in terms of ergonomics and finish, especially thanks to the quality of the components used. Apple Reality Pro is powered by Sony’s micro-OLED display, processors made by TSMC, and 12 camera modules It will be manufactured by Cowell and the external power supply will be provided by Goretek. Everything will be assembled by Luxshare in China.

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