Google Photos: a new clearer and more intuitive interface

Now the default gallery for all Nexus, Google’s photo service launched almost a year ago and was quickly adopted. It should be said that the developer has a photo solution. very suitable : allows even a single application to save and quickly edit its images online.

However, the app may seem a bit difficult to use due to its interface not being the clearest. However, Google launched a new app update to overcome this issue which is currently being deployed and expected to arrive on your phones soon.

New Google Photos interface

In the program, the interface has been redesigned to give more weight to the backup and editing wizard, photos of the day, and albums that are currently available. All 3 are displayed at the bottom of the home page. You will have noticed this; The name “Collection” has been changed to “Albums” for clarity.

However, the app isn’t already devoid of very useful features as it helps you clear your phone’s memory with a simple click to free up storage space.

This is just one of the 6 must-know tricks with Google Photos, Alphabet’s photography software, which has a great future for our phones as cloud storage solutions are now much more accepted around the world in our daily use.

What’s more, the service is truly poised to evolve: Google has recently officially shut down Picasa to focus on developing its new platform. Today’s news is just a first in this direction.

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