Google: Latest update for Android systems brings something new to Wallet

Google wallet new

Mountain View firm deployed in early November 2022 latest Google system update. As a reminder, these updates make it possible to strengthen the security and reliability of Android devices, while also integrating new features. operating system, Google Play Store and even Google Play services.

And it is precisely through this patch that Google has made several changes to its digital wallet, Google Wallet. Since July 2022, the app has gradually begun to replace Google Pay on Android smartphones. So exactly what new features are available in Wallet? Here it is in detail:

  • Merchants can dynamically create GPay button to personalize the icon
  • API update to enable deep links to additional Google Wallet screens
  • Improvements to Wallet and SMART Health Card compatibility
  • Wallet users can selectively exclude loyalty cards imported from Gmail
  • Verification notification for users making online transactions via GPay button
  • Limits maps to a single device or user
  • Significant improvements have been made to make the digital car key work better

There are also general performance improvements in the Google app store, faster downloads and installations, and optimizations to the Play Protection system to increase the security of your device.

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