Easy mode? Not here! These 5 games humiliate you if you play on ‘easy’

You video games offer a diverse experience, but many players face the dilemma of choosing the right difficulty to maximize their gaming challenge.

Unfortunately, some titles are viewed with some prejudice when played on easy mode. However, it is important to recognize that difficulty does not always determine the quality of the experience.

That said, below, we’ll explore five notable games in which, according to the portal TecMundopeople often get teased for deciding to choose easy mode to play them.

Do you already know any? Check it out below!

Never play these 5 games on easy mode!

1. ‘Streets of Rage 3’ (1994)

Promotional image for ‘Streets of Rage 3’ – Image: Reproduction

Sega’s classic fighting game ‘Streets of Rage 3’ is known for its frenetic action and intense challenge. The narrative involves the fight against a criminal organization that threatens the peace of the city.

Playing on easy mode can make it easier to defeat enemies. enemiesbut the true essence of the game lies in overcoming challenges at higher levels of difficulty.

2. ‘Twisted Metal 2’ (1996)

‘Twisted Metal 2’ is a game that you can’t play in easy mode – Image: YouTube/Reproduction

This vehicular combat game gained prominence for its unique gameplay and eccentric characters.

Set in an armed car tournament, ‘Twisted Metal 2‘ offers an engaging narrative as the contestants seek to fulfill their deepest desires.

In easy mode, the excitement of battle can be minimized, which detracts from the exciting experience the game provides.

3. ‘Earthworm Jim’ (1994)

Promotional image for 'Earthworm Jim'Promotional image for 'Earthworm Jim'Promotional image for ‘Earthworm Jim’ – Image: Reproduction

‘Earthworm Jim’ is the third game on the list that captivated players with its unusual protagonist: a worm with superpowers.

The engaging story follows Jim on his mission to rescue the princess captured by a malevolent crow.

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In easy mode, the adventure may lose some of its intensity, which compromises the unique fun offered by this game.

4. ‘Ninja Gaiden Black’ (2005)

Ninja Gaiden Black – Image: YouTube/Reproduction

Known for its relentless difficulty, ‘Ninja Gaiden Black’ is an action game that challenges players to master the ninja arts. The story follows Ryu Hayabusa on his journey to avenge his clan.

However, playing on easy mode may provide a less emotional experience, sacrificing the adrenaline and the satisfaction of overcoming the most challenging obstacles.

5. ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ (2015)

‘Metal Gear Solid’ – Image: Reproduction

The latest entry in the legendary ‘Metal Gear Solid’ series offers an experience of open-world espionage and action. The complex narrative of ‘The Phantom Pain’ immerses players in an intriguing plot full of twists and turns.

Opting for easy mode can make missions smoother; however, like the other modes, it reduces immersion in the immersive narrative created by Hideo Kojima.

Finally, although playing on easy mode may seem like a less challenging choice, it is essential to recognize that each player has their own style and preferences.

Regardless of the difficulty chosen, the true essence of games often lies in the engaging narrative, captivating gameplay and unique experiences they provide.