Facebook: Stories are nobody’s business, cache misery applies

Social networks have become our first gateway to the network over time. Therefore, it is not surprising that competition is fierce, especially in this industry where success is never guaranteed and talent and luck come together to the fullest.

Facebook is not one of those who need luck, of course. Overwhelming power is already developing in virtual reality, while others struggle to find stability. That doesn’t stop him from copying his opponents at all costs to keep his head up, but success isn’t necessarily there.

Facebook Stories go viral

And it’s not Snapchat that wants it: if the implementation of Stories on Instagram hurt the yellow app, the same functionality implemented in Facebook is a monumental furnace. To the point of forcing the developer to implement a cache misery:

Currently deployed on iOS only, this update transparently displays your friends in the bar dedicated to Stories. Purpose: To use the space left free due to lack of new posts which is functionality that is never used by the community as we can always easily see on Android.

Proof that being a “Frankenstein” social network that takes over all the functions of the others leads nowhere. Facebook better focus on video, the future of great growth.

But we can’t blame him for trying: by making the right decisions at the right time, every day, new networks can replace him. As with the recent highlight of Mastodon, the free one is attacking him.

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