What is the Horizon Forbidden West Death Gate code?

The code for Horizon Forbidden West Death’s Door may not be obvious to find if you’re just early in the game. Near all locked doors there is a code for you to find, but you have to figure it out yourself. So, if this is one of the first doors you find, you can easily get confused.

Basically, you just have to scan a nearby data point to open Death’s Door. It’s that easy, just nothing really explains it. It assumes that eventually, if you find a door that requires a code, you’ll know there will be one nearby. And unless you’ve done a lot of Horizon Forbidden West Relic Ruins puzzles, it’s easy to get to this point in the game without knowing how things work. If you’re having trouble with the Death’s Door code on Horizon Forbidden West, here it is.

What is the Horizon Forbidden West Death Gate code?

  • Horizon Forbidden West Death Gate code 7482

The Horizon Forbidden West Death’s Door code appears after finding HADES and Sylens while exploring Latopolis. This will provide the Firegleam Ignitor upgrade to deal with Horizon Forbidden West red crystal growths and get you into the world facility.

After a lot of exploring, climbing, and bouncing around a flooded base, you’ll eventually reach a locked door that requires a code. If you turn from the terminal and look right behind you, you will see a door right in front of you. Look there and you will find a data point that you can scan with this message:

If you haven’t done most of the Ruins puzzles we mentioned, you may not know that door codes are almost always semi-hidden in messages – mentioning any number in a data point note is usually a code. So the ‘Sovereign 7482’ is exactly what you are looking for.

Dial 7482 at the terminal, list the door code and clear the way. Now you’re free to go ahead and see what’s next, and if you’re stuck with other door codes later, don’t forget to check the notes and messages you can scan nearby.

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