Chrome for Android loads web pages twice as fast, even on a hard connection

Thanks to Google Chrome’s data saver for Android, pages load twice as fast and save up to 90% data. This feature allows a lighter version of web pages to be loaded, which in some cases allows users to browse comfortably even when the Internet connection is very poor..

The browsing experience can be extremely frustrating when the network is unstable or the user is in an area where access to a quality Internet connection is still problematic. Soon, 5G will start reaching a handful of cities in Europe. But in some countries, users still than 3G, or even 2G in some cases..

In these conditions, navigating well is complex. And even in 4G coverage, the network isn’t always stable and can sometimes break down when you need it most. Google has announced that Chrome’s data saver can greatly improve the user experience.

Google Chrome makes web pages load faster even in the worst conditions

Two pieces of information should be remembered Message Published on the Chromium blog on March 12, 2019. Firstly, Chrome data saver for Android now supports HTTPS pages So far, only HTTP pages have been compressed by the tool built into the browser. Google is also announcing feature enhancements. The “Lite Pages” functionality makes browsing even faster.

Google Chrome It optimizes when it sets the connection type to “2G” or estimates that it will take more than 5 seconds to load the page. Also, Chrome now displays a notification in the URL bar to indicate to users that there is an optimized version of a page being read.

Users can tap this notification to view more information or access the option to download the original version of the page. Finally, functionality Simple Pages It is available in the latest stable version of Chrome. To take advantage of it, the user just needs to enable the data saver and voila.

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