Android: This spy malware can film and take photos with your smartphone without your knowledge

android malware

Zimperium computer security researchers have detected traces of new malware on the web. Malware called PhoneSpy, vacuum up user data Android smartphones or tablets. According to experts, the malware is hidden in 23 Android applications available online.

The good news is that the PhoneSpy malware did not manage to get into the Google Play Store. For now, the computer virus is only shared through compromised APKs. Scammers use it to spread their malware. communication campaigns on social networksIncluding Facebook. Ads link directly to a link to download the app.

This malware can remotely take photos with your smartphone

Once installed on its victims’ smartphones, PhoneSpy will capture the complete list of installed applications and credentials stored on the phonesaved photos and videosdevice location, SMS, phone contacts, call logs, IMEI, brand, device name and Android version.

First of all, the malware will be able to record files or video sequences with either the front or rear photo sensor. It could be taking photos without the user knowing. Finally, PhoneSpy allows hackers to send SMS messages through your mobile phone. “Data stolen from these devices can be used for blackmail, personal and industrial espionage.”explains Zimperium.

Like many malware, PhoneSpy is disguised as seemingly harmless applications. Among the applications pinned by Zimperium we find Yoga, porn video, photo gallery and streaming applications. “These malicious Android apps are designed to run silently in the background and constantly spy on their victims.”Zimperium warns the company. Targets of the malware for now Internet users residing in South Korea. However, the virus is likely to spread rapidly abroad.

To protect yourself from possible antivirus or other security solutions, PhoneSpy can also: “Remove all user-installed apps, including mobile security apps”. To avoid falling into the trap, we recommend that you: Stick to apps available on Google Play Store or in secure alternative stores such as Amazon AppStore.

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