Bill provides for price reduction for taxi drivers when purchasing hybrid and electric cars

State deputy Dionísio Lins, from the Progressive party and President of the Transport Commission of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro, presented a bill (PL) with the aim of providing discounts in ICMS for taxi drivers who purchase electric and hybrid vehicles.

This project aims to encourage taxi drivers to adopt sustainable vehicles. Thus, the proposal aims to promote the modernization of the taxi fleet, reduce the emission of atmospheric pollutants and make hybrid and electric cars more accessible for this group. In other words, this would be a way to support the use of these vehicles, in addition to prioritizing the sustainability of the planet.

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If approved, see how the project will work

The text of the PL provides that the benefit would only apply to taxi drivers duly registered and legalized with municipal authorities. Another important point is that they have not purchased vehicles that are exempt or not subject to Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) in the last two years.

Furthermore, the benefited vehicle must be intended exclusively for use as a taxi, with a limit of one purchase per person. It is worth noting that the project still needs to be submitted to a vote by other parliamentarians and await sanction.

Do you already know how electric vehicles work?

You electric vehicles They represent a sustainable and economical alternative to vehicles powered by fossil fuels. They generally run on rechargeable batteries that can be recharged at specialized charging stations or household sockets.

In addition to significantly reducing polluting gas emissions, electric cars also provide benefits for both their owners and society. Therefore, one of the main advantages of electric cars is fuel economy, which is a benefit for the wallet and the environment.

As pointed out by a study by the Brazilian Electric Vehicle Association, an electric car can travel up to 100 km with just R$8.00 in electrical energy, while a vehicle with Gasoline You would need around R$50.00 to travel the same distance. This difference results in a reduction of more than 80% in supply costs.

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