Android 14: Inspired by iOS, this feature finally helps people with hearing loss detect their notifications

Over the years Android has made a lot of effort in terms of accessibility. Although there is still a long way to go, several features have been integrated to make life easier for people with disabilities. With Android 14, Google plans to continue its momentum by addressing the hearing impaired this time.

The inspiration comes from Apple, which has for some time been offering users the ability to activate the flash light when a notification is received. So you don’t need to rely on sound or keep your smartphone nearby to feel the vibration, the notification can now be seen from afar. That’s exactly what Android 14 has to offer, it will also add a small improvement.

People with hearing loss will no longer miss their notifications on Android 14

Android 14 offers to configure a similar option on the screen, as well as the flash on the smartphone shell. Here’s how you can enable the feature:

  1. open them Settings your Android smartphone
  2. Go to Accessibility and then Flash notifications
  3. Choose what kind of flash you want between the photo sensor and the screen
  4. you can press Preview to view the result

Note that the flash will only fire if your smartphone is locked. In this case, the flash will appear twice on the photo sensor. You can decide which color will appear on the screen from the settings. By default this will be yellow.

However, this feature may not currently be available on your smartphone even if you have downloaded the latest Android 14 beta.13 Pro has already qualified for a stable version.

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