WATCH: Nate Diaz smokes weed in front of USADA official and says ‘USADA can suck’

Nate Diaz He certainly made a Stockton welcome to the USADA official earlier today. While most fighters are traumatized when the United States Anti-Doping Agency drops by, Nate warmly welcomes them and offers a heartfelt slur to his superior.

Times have changed in the mixed martial arts world. There was a time when Nick Diaz was banned from fighting after he tested positive for marijuana, and now his younger brother Nate Diaz couldn’t care more about a USADA supervisor and is smoking weed right in front of him. The UFC superstar is undoubtedly one of the coolest fighters to grace the octagon. If you don’t know why Nate has such a huge fan base, the video of him smoking marijuana in front of the drug testing agent will show you.

Earlier today, Nate took to Instagram to let people know that he had been visited by USADA for a random drug test. It’s a tradition that the anti-doping agency tests athletes at inappropriate times to check if they are under the influence of illegal substances. They may have terrified many of the fighters, but Nate never “shits”. The USADA sample collector wouldn’t have thought in a thousand years that the athlete he was testing would be offered weed. Welcome to the home of Nate Diaz, agent of Mr. USADA.

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“I have two more liters of pee” – Nate Diaz hilariously continues on Instagram Live during his test

Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz

The USADA sample collector was dubbed “DK” by Nate himself and was pretty sporty about Nate’s jokes and his Instagram livestream. “This guy isn’t leaving my house because I haven’t peed him enough” Diaz said on Instagram Live. “I pissed off my n***a as much as I could. How many more liters do I need to make? I have two more liters to pee to give him. Until then, he won’t be out of here. TK my man USADA could be a lousy advertisement,” Diaz said on Instagram.

Warrior also posted several follow-up stories, along with pictures of him presenting weed to his specimen collector. A few years ago you couldn’t even make up a story like this. The Auditor stopped by Nate’s place to test him before the battle of Khamzat Chimaev, held on Nate. UFC 279. To fight the dangerous Khamzat Chimaev, you couldn’t find another fighter in the world who would be as cool as Nate. Never change, Nate. Never change.

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Nate is in his last fight on contract, and it’s still unclear whether we’ll see Diaz fight again within the UFC octagon. From Nate’s recent interviews, it looks like the fighter doesn’t want to continue with the UFC.

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