“Not my cup of tea” – Joe Rogan dissatisfied with Dana White’s latest attempt The Slap Fighting championship

Dana White and Joe Rogan are almost synonymous with the UFC – according to the company’s faces, no one can argue that they played a huge role in the rush and widespread consumption of the media the promotion put forward.

Therefore, they are likely to have similar views on many issues. As an example, both called for a relaxed mask policy at the height of Covid-19 and thus both were criticized on the same pedestal. Accordingly, when Rogan received major criticism for his handling of the virus, White decided to step in and publicly defend his employee and longtime friend.

However, there is one thing the two disagree with – it’s Slap Fighting. Slap fighting, a new phenomenon born from the depths of the fighting world, is a highly controversial topic. Some people believe that, in addition to the obvious dangers of brain damage, participants have literally no way of defending themselves. In contrast, the first rule taught to MMA practitioners is “Always protect yourself”. No matter what people think, Veal White went ahead and announced that it would launch a Power Slap league in January next year.

Joe RoganDespite the friendship of the duo, he doesn’t seem very happy with the idea. Speaking on his podcast, he said:I love Dana and I’d be hypocritical if I said I wouldn’t watch it because I will, but this isn’t my cup of tea.

Investigating why he didn’t love the idea, Rogan said, “I like puzzles. what i love [Sean O’Malley] and [Petr] Side. This goddamn Russian assassin rushes through the doors and you kick him, walk away and punch him… I love the technique.

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Despite the detractors, slap fighting can be described as an earned pleasure.

A shot from the slap fight (Visual Courtesy - Bleacher Report)
A shot from the slap fight (Image Courtesy – Bleacher Report)

However, the slap fight has its target audience – Dana White is an extremely savvy business person, provided she has done her analytical research on how well the sport will perform online, however. Of course, the event’s press conference was viewed more than 50,000 times on the UFC’s YouTube channel.

However, could Joe Rogan make any sense here – the philosophy of the fight is that two opponents risk their lives every time they enter the octagon/ring. It’s fun, but the risks are very real. The slap fight will have its rewards, but the disadvantages seem to be too much.

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For fans of traditional fights, don’t worry, January and February will be star-studded – Brandon Moreno challenges at UFC 283 Deiveson Figueredo once again for the championship and at UFC 284 Islam Makhachev calls number 1 Alexander Volkanovsky to challenge him as he is the best fighter in the roster. So, if you are bothered by slap fights, there are many other activities available to you!

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