How To Read Kik Messages Without The Sender Knowing

Want to know how to read Kik messages without the sender knowing? Want to know how to know if someone has blocked you on Kik? This post shows you how!

Kik has quickly become one of the most popular chat apps in the world. The social network seemed to pop up out of nowhere, surpassing many other wannabe platforms to become the chat app of choice for millions of people. I always use it as an alternative to WhatsApp. It is fast, indescribable and has a community of millions. What’s not to love?

Kik uses a simple system to show you when a message has been sent, received and read. Sent when you see the ‘S’ above the message. When it changes to ‘D’, it is delivered. Until the letter D changes to ‘R’, you will not know that the person you sent the message has read that message.

But what if you want to read a message without triggering that change to ‘R’?

Read Kik messages without notifying the sender

Kik system messages are automatic, so there isn’t much you can do. You can still play the system, which may cause it to think the message has not been read yet. This can be useful if you’re at work and can’t respond right away, or if you need some time to formulate a response.

Some people are cool on Kik. They know you have real life and you can’t always respond to messages right away. More insecure people don’t always realize this and will want to know why you don’t respond to their messages right away. These are the people you can avoid with the trick.

You have to be sneaky to read the message without causing Kik to notify the sender. When you see the message coming, you should not open it. Turn off 4G and/or WiFi first. Open the message when you’re disconnected and read it when you’re ready. Close your connection or disable the application until you notify the sender that you have read the message.

You can also use Airplane mode for this if you want.

The upside is that the Kik app is unable to contact the message server to confirm that you have read the message. This means that the message server cannot notify the sender by changing its application to say ‘R’ even though you have definitely read the message.

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The downside is you won’t receive any more Kik messages until you’re back online or turn Airplane mode off. If you need to use other apps, force Kik to close before reopening your connection so it can’t notify the sender that you’ve read their message. You’ll then be able to use other apps, but you won’t be able to use Kik until you’re ready to let the other party know you’ve read the message.

How to know if you’ve been blocked on Kik

Another common question I see is how to know if you have been blocked on Kik. Surprisingly, there is no way to tell. There aren’t any system notifications, warning messages, or anything saying that the user you’re trying to contact has blocked you.

The only way to know if you’ve been blocked is if you see that the messages you sent remained on ‘D’ for a certain period of time and did not change to ‘R’. That’s not conclusive as I just showed you how to avoid causing your Kik app to notify a sender that you’ve read their message. It’s not like the person is not on vacation, isn’t currently using Kik, or changed their username and forgot to tell you before deleting the old one. Or maybe you just became a ghost. There’s no definitive way to say this.

How to block someone on Kik

If you find yourself on the other side of the equation, it’s very easy to block someone on Kik. This is useful for annoying random people texting you, bots popping up periodically, or the weird marketing message you get. Or maybe you know a few people who are frustratingly nervous about how long it takes you to reply after reading a message and think they need to cool their heels for a while.

It’s a very simple process. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Kik app and select Settings in the top right.
  2. Select Chat Settings and Block List.
  3. Select the ‘+’ icon in the top right to add one.
  4. A list of names will appear on the next screen. Select the one you want to block.
  5. Confirm by selecting Yes on the next screen.

As mentioned earlier, the person you blocked will not be notified of your actions. All they will see is that their message remains in the ‘D’ state. This can prevent any social awkwardness while avoiding that person, but it can also lead to a lot of confusion for anyone who doesn’t know they’ve been blocked and doesn’t remember doing anything wrong. Nothing is perfect.

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Do you know any other ways to read Kik messages without the sender knowing? If you do, tell us below!