How to Enable or Disable Facebook Posting to Twitter

Do you want your Facebook posts to appear in your Twitter feed? Want your tweets to appear on Facebook? This tutorial will show you how to enable or disable Facebook’s post to Twitter and vice versa, so you can do exactly that.

Despite being rivals, social networks know they have to play well together to maintain your goodwill. Users demand freedom and flexibility, and the only way to do that is by allowing us to use our apps and networks as we see fit. Therefore, you can interconnect all kinds of networks and cross-pollinate posts between them.

You don’t have to stop there. You can also connect Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and many other social networks. Some require a little fiddling, while others are simple. The two networks that play best together are Facebook and Twitter. As arguably the two largest social networks, it makes sense to share users and content between them. It costs them nothing and offers tons of extra free data for them to analyze, sell or whatever they do.

Here’s how to enable or disable Facebook posting to Twitter. I’ll also show you how to connect Twitter to Facebook if you prefer to do it this way.

Connecting Facebook to Twitter

Connecting Facebook to Twitter is simple and only takes a few seconds.

  1. Go to
  2. Link My Profile to Twitter or Link a Page to Twitter depending on what you want to do.
  3. Link the two accounts by selecting Authorize App in a new window.
  4. Go back to Facebook/Twitter page, select Edit Settings under your account.
  5. Choose between the two what should be shared and what should not.
  6. Select Save Changes.

The selected updates will now appear in your Twitter feed from then on. Historical updates will not appear, only those published after connecting the two accounts.

If you decide you no longer want to cross-pollinate your social media updates, you can unlink your accounts to stop Facebook posting to Twitter.

  1. Go to
  2. Under the profile or page you want to remove, select Unlink from Twitter.

No confirmation is required to unlink the two, as soon as you hit Unlink, the change is instant. If you want, you can reconnect the two by repeating the above process.

Connecting Twitter to Facebook

If you want, you can do things the other way around, using your Twitter account to connect to Facebook.

  1. Entrance excitement using a browser.
  2. Go to Settings & Privacy and select Apps from the left menu.
  3. Select Facebook Connect and then Allow.
  4. Confirm in the popup and set the visibility of the posts in the center.
  5. Select OK to confirm.
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All subsequent posts on Twitter will also appear on your Facebook wall. Historical ones will not appear, but all future updates will.

If you want to separate the two again, reverse what you did to link the two accounts.

  1. Entrance excitement using a browser.
  2. Go to Settings & Privacy and select Apps from the left menu.
  3. Select Facebook Connect and then Disconnect.

The change will be made immediately and will remove the link between Twitter and Facebook.

While individuals can benefit from sharing their updates on social networks, those who use this function are mostly social media marketers. It does the job of publishing an update in a short time while giving it maximum exposure. All without using an expensive social media management app.

It’s entirely possible to send a blog post or news update to a website for it to automatically update Facebook, which will automatically update Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and many other social networks. Without you having to do anything. All you need is a free CMS plugin if you are using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, or a custom coded plugin if you are using a bespoke CMS.

As far as I can tell, most people have the same friends on social networks and will either use their favorites or the ones most of these friends use. Be careful when connecting one to the other, as people can quickly get tired of seeing the same things on networks. Be careful not to put people off by repeating yourself over and over, otherwise they may silence you and we don’t want that!

Do you know any other ways to enable or disable Facebook’s sharing to Twitter? If you do, tell us below!

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