How to Connect Shazam to Spotify Instead of Apple Music?

Shazam and Apple Music are deeply integrated to deliver a more personalized music listening experience. When you identify a song, the music discovery app offers an Apple Music link so you can stream the song right away. While this flawless playback looks great for Apple Music users, it’s not good for Spotify users. But don’t worry, there is a way to connect Shazam to Spotify instead of Apple Music on your iPhone. If that’s what you’re looking for, let me help you connect Shazam to your Spotify account with ease.

How to Connect Shazam to Spotify on iPhone

To get started, make sure you have both Shazam and Spotify installed on your device. Apple’s music discovery app, free. Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 12 or later. So be sure to check these essentials before trying the quick steps.

  1. start Spotify app on your iOS device.

2. Now, swipe up card (partially visible) with small handle from below.

Swipe up from the bottom

3. Next, tap on it. small settings icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Tap the settings icon

4. Next, tap on Connect It is located right next to Spotify.

Tap on connect

5. If you’re subscribed to Apple Music, you’ll get an alert that says: “Disconnecting from Apple Music? Connecting to Spotify will automatically disconnect you from Apple Music.” Simply tap on connect to Spotify to continue.

If you are not using Apple Music, you will see a simple popup, “Shazam wants to open Spotify”. Tap on Open to continue.

Tap on Open

6. Next, the Spotify application will open and you will be directed to the authorization page. Scroll down and tap on I agree.

Tap accept

Next, you will be redirected to Shazam. You can now see that Shazam has successfully connected to Spotify.

Let me also tell you that there is an additional option you can use to sync Shazam with Spotify if you think you’re done with the steps. If you want to have an uninterrupted music experience, I recommend turning the switch right next to it. Sync Shazams with Spotify.

Connect Shazam to Spotify

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Going forward, the music discovery app will show a Spotify link every time you use it to identify a song. Simply tap this link to start streaming the song through your favorite music app.

Easily Connect Shazam to Your Spotify Account

That is all! While there is no shortage of music streaming apps, Spotify and Apple Music remain the two most loved apps. While I’ve always found Apple’s offerings pretty good, Spotify remains my top pick. Be it its intuitive UI or on-the-spot recommendations, the Swedish-based music app excels on most fronts. What would you like to say about the rivalry between these two great music streaming apps?

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