“What an example he sets for our children,” the Lightning Strike Victims organization angrily calls Drew Brees for his “inappropriate” and “disgusting” promotion method.

Drew Brees He is considered a legend of the game and was one of the best QBs in his years. The former QB had an extensive career with the New Orleans Saints and even won a Super Bowl with them.

Brees’ time with the Saints helped him gain a huge fan base who adored the former QB for his playing style. This resulted in him getting many commercials in his career.

Recently, Brees, in collaboration with a sportsbook brand, performed a gruesome marketing gimmick that involved lightning strikes himself. The plan was just to promote a betting site and the new lightning “deal” to make people believe it was true.

A video posted on Twitter shows Brees being struck by fake lightning in Venezuela, where lightning strikes are quite common. The camera goes black after lightning strikes.

The former Saints QB was called out for his insensitive publicity stunt where he made fun of a deadly and deadly way to die. Lightning Strike and Electric Shock Survivors International is an organization that provides support to all lightning strike victims and is widespread in more than 13 countries.

The organization recently gave its honest view on the situation and is heartbroken as it is mocked at where nearly 240,000 people die each year.

“The Last Drew Brees lightning ad is an inappropriate, obnoxious way to promote gambling or any TV ad campaign.” a Statement from LESSI.

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Drew Brees is being trained by LESSI for making fun of a fatal injury

Drew Brees
Drew Brees

Drew Brees’ reputation took a huge hit after this controversy, and many fans started calling out the former NFL QB for his insensitive and inhumane approach to marketing a particular product.

LESSI called out Brees for trying to make fun of a horrific injury that kills hundreds of thousands of people each year. It is impossible to enjoy in these situations.

“It’s a fatal injury and it’s disappointing to see lightning and electrical injury survivors constantly being teased in the hilarious light that it’s presented for commercial gain and profit.” The organization stated. “Making fun of these people and trivializing this injury is unacceptable and how does it set an example for our children to learn from?”

Drew Brees has yet to apologize or comment on this situation. The same goes for the bookmaker. PointBet USA, revealed by this marketing gimmick.

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The retired QB has faced a lot of heat over the past few days, but not as much as his former team, the New Orleans Saints, who are currently last in their division and struggling to survive as they face the Bucs in their next game.

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