“HIGHLY IMPRESSIVE”: Skip Bayless calls Tom Brady’s ICONIC game-winning drive against the Rams MASTERFUL

Tom Brady last night turned back time Tampa Mr. Pirates‘ Match against the Los Angeles Rams. The quarterback had only one minute to bring his team back from a 9-13 lead. His team was able to successfully transform the game into a touchdown that put Tampa back on the top in the game-winning final drive.

The Bucs didn’t have a single break. It was all on Tom’s shoulders and he led the team to a much-needed victory. His performance was amazing and that ride had our eyes fixed on the TV. There were other highlights of the game as well, such as Brady being the only quarterback with 100,000 passing yards, and he eventually managed to overtake. Peyton Manning in terms of total game-winning drivers.

Skip BaylessThe analyst at Fox Sports received high praise for the quarterback after his performance. Here’s what Skip said Undisputed. “Brady has become adept at getting away with football. He needs to get rid of it (soccer) but he doesn’t throw it to the other team. He rules the entire NFL at a 10-to-1 goal-stopping ratio. He has scored almost 400 straight passes since the Dallas game. without intervention

In more detail, Skip stated, “When we were on a pretty crappy team in every way… Mike Evans on the first catch of the game after dropping the first[pass]. Tom Brady’s receivers made 8 passes yesterday. Chris Godwin has not recovered from a complete rebuild of his ACL.”

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Skip Bayless believes Tom Brady had to endure a higher degree of difficulty in his victory over the Rams:

Tom Brady and Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless takes a look at ‘Psycho Tom’ Sunday night

Skip Bayless believes the Buccaneers have wide openings, but none are living up to their potential this season. Julio Jones is full of injuries, Chris Godwin is a shell of himself, and Mike Evans’ chemistry with Tom Brady seems to have faded. “He (Julio Jones) is not the same guy, he got really bad with a third passslid down” Horse specified.

As for Tampa Bay’s defense, Skip believes they played great, but their opponents just weren’t good enough. “They played great on defense, but against what? They played great against I’m sorry.”

“Post-divorce, after[Tom Brady]had it all sorted out over and over, clearing the decks, he looked sharper and more focused yesterday than I’ve seen him all year. When things went wrong, he didn’t lose the tablets and bouts like he lost where he threw. I didn’t see a suitable shot.”

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Skip Bayless loves this Tom Brady. The quarterback now looks like he’s having fun once again. More focused than he’s been all year, and instead of trying to keep his teammates in line; The quarterback is the leader by example.

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