LeBron James explains how he and Tom Brady were ‘there’ just to win championships: “I’m not here to hang around.”

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers returned to Cleveland to play their next road game. James was greeted with great clamor and applause from the crowd gathered at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse arena. But things didn’t end so well for the Los Angeles Lakers and the former Cavalier superstar.

Cavs beat Lakers 102-116 After falling behind in the 3rd quarter. Anthony Davis started the game but was forced to leave early in the first quarter of the game. Reportedly, Davis suffered from flu-like symptoms. Despite the Lakers’ lead in the fourth quarter, the Cavaliers took the lead behind Donovan Mitchell’s 43-point game.

James scored a team-record 21 points in front of the crowd that crowned him King. Russell Westbrook and Dennis Schroder each scored 16 points. The Lakers shot just 42 percent off the field, and their high-rise three-pointers in the game against the well-structured and defensive Cavaliers dropped to 16 percent.

Speaking about the Lakers and James’ championship prospects amid the Lakers’ decline this season, LeBron said he’s still playing for another championship. James brought up the Tom Brady example and said he wasn’t just messing around and was totally focused on winning another championship. “It would be different if I wasn’t still in championship mode, but I’m still playing at an incredibly high level… I’m not there to mess around. What would I do this for? Me and (Tom) Brady. We are the same people. We’re there for the championship.”said James, as reported by The athletic.

Despite being 45 years old, Tom Brady has continued to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is determined to win another championship after Brady won one in 2020 at the age of 43. LeBron also won a championship with the Los Angeles Lakers at the age of 35 that same year.

“AD is back in PER Prince,” Skip Bayless tells Anthony Davis despite his stellar form.

LeBron James and the Lakers weren’t built for the championship this season

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LeBron James

If there’s one thing that’s crystal clear this season so far, it’s the fact that they’re not a championship team yet. With Anthony Davis as the top player in the final week of NBA games and being named Player of the Week, it would be too much to expect the Laker star to maintain that tension throughout the season. Given that the Lakers are looking to qualify for the playoffs, playing at a high level for 82 games will have a serious impact on his health as he enters the postseason.

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After looking at the Lakers’ weak roster structure, it’s perhaps too much to expect them to win a serious championship. In the absence of Anthony Davis and LeBron, no player can continue the Lakers offense.

Although Russel Westbrook has gained the power to pass; He hasn’t even drawn the offensive play yet. Lonnie Walker IV showed off his offensive excellence in some games, but his performance was inconsistent.

The Lakers need another elite striker on their roster for them to have a chance to win a title this season. As reported by Adrion Woj, the Lakers don’t want to give up on their 27th and 29th picks this season, unless they’re an All-Star player that has largely dampened their championship hopes.

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