Tutorial: How to improve the sound quality on your smartphone

Locate the speakers

It may sound a little silly, but the first thing to do is locate the speakers. As a matter of fact, every manufacturer puts the speakers where they want, sometimes in front of the device, sometimes behind, sometimes on the side.

samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-headphone jack

The point here is to know where to put your hands when you hold your smartphone. do not block the audio output. For example, on the S7 Edge, I can block the speaker with my hand because it is located on the bottom edge.

Control smartphone volume and sound settings

A simple toggle in a smartphone’s settings can improve sound quality. Once in the Settings app, go to the Sounds & vibration section. you will find an audio tabIt allows you to adjust the volume of your smartphone using different sliders.

For example, you can increase the volume of the ringtone, notifications or system. Move the “media” slider to the right to increase the volume of your music apps and other multimedia content. This menu can also be accessed by pressing. one of the smartphone volume buttonsthen by pressing the small arrow in the upper right.

You can also open the tab from Settings > Sounds & vibration. Quality and sound effects. This tab opens the Android equalizer, which allows you to manually adjust the sound quality of the smartphone. You will be able to boost bass, treble, instruments or vocals according to your preferences. It is also possible to select predefined configurations for different musical styles (pop, classical, jazz, rock, etc.).

Use a sound booster app

There are many applications on the Google Play Store to increase the natural volume of your smartphone. One of the best is titled Ultimate Volume Booster. Developed by Porrassoft, this application allows you to increase the volume of your smartphone. up to 40%. However, keep in mind that such apps can damage your smartphone’s speakers in the long run. Therefore, it is preferable to use them only in small doses.


Try the best music apps

There are many music apps for playing music files in Google Play Store. However, not all are equal in terms of sound quality. We recommend BlackPlayer, jetAudio HQ and MediaMonkey among the best. Check out our selection of the best alternative music players for Android.

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Also, some equalizer apps offer more advanced settings than the native Android equalizer. However, each app is optimized for specific smartphone models only. Some of the best audio equalizer apps include 10 Band Equalizer, Equalizer FX and Music Bass Booster. Check out our selection of the best audio equalizers for Android here.

Check for dust on your smartphone speakers

We can never repeat enough the importance of using protective cases for smartphones. However, some of these protections can block the sound from the smartphone. Therefore, it is preferable to make a choice. specially designed body For your phone model with a wide enough opening for smartphone speakers.

Also, take care to clean the speaker grilles of the smartphone regularly. You can do this by using compressed air to blow the particles through the grid. It is also possible to attach tape to the grilles and then remove them to remove as much dust as possible. A third alternative is to use a brush to clean the grill.

If you are using headphones or headphones, take care to clean the jack, which will soon disappear from the smartphone market. Insert a dry cotton swab into the Jack slot and remove it to clean the dust inside.

Choosing the best headphones and earphones

Buying a good headset is an investment, but it’s also the easiest way to improve the sound quality of your smartphone. There are many models of headphones on the market, and not all are created equal. Preferably choose a headset with noise reduction functionality. Do not hesitate to consult our buying guide for the best headphones to guide your selection.

Use Viper4Android on a rooted device

Having a rooted device allows many things on Android, offers many possibilities. One of them is to improve the sound quality of your smartphone, especially through apps. The most well known is Viper4Android.


This application offers many settings and especially very specific settings that are perfect for adjusting the sound to our desires. For example, you can adjust the sound according to the speakers and have another setting for your headphone or headset.

To best stick with the basic equalizer, the app has a different version for each Android version. You can download it from Play Store, official Viper website or . related XDA forumNote that the app only works if you are rooted. Here to root your smartphone.

We hope this little tutorial will be useful to you. Note that the list of apps or methods is not exhaustive, If you know of other ways to improve the sound quality of your smartphone, you can let us know in the comments.

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