WearOS: Google improves text input with a new keyboard and multiple languages

Sometimes it can be very convenient to use your connected watch to send a message to a loved one without the need to use your smartphone. For this, WearOS offers: Gboard, an integrated keyboard Supports voice recognition and auto-correction when typing manually. It’s not always easy to type text on a small screen just a few inches, and Google is well aware of that.

Mountain View is rolling out an update to Gboard that aims to make this aspect of WearOS easier starting today. improved autocorrect. Before sending the message, a preview of the text now appears on the screen to determine the final changes to be made. As such, gesture input is intended to be more precise and, above all, more cost-effective for the most clumsy of us.

It’s now easier to write a message on WearOS

Another important addition: users are now change the language as you want Supported by connected clocks. Using a small button that appears below the keyboard, it is possible to select a different language than the one configured for autocorrection. Google states that Gboard is compatible with all languages ​​integrated into WearOS. This feature also applies to voice recognition.

Google adds more precision and possibilities for many ways to text on a connected watch. If these changes may seem minor, they are just the introductory part. Complete overhaul of the operating systemis expected this year. More on the matter should be revealed at this month’s Google I/O event.

Source : Google

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