Tutorial: How to improve the accuracy of your GPS

Our smartphones now allow us to do almost anything, there is no longer any possibility of getting lost as what you always have in your pocket can serve as your GPS. That’s obviously the case in theory, but your device may not have a very good GPS chip or simply not be well-configured. Here’s how to fix this problem.

Some terminals, such as the Wiko, have serious GPS problems, a completely unmarked location or a significant delay in displaying your location. Did you think there was nothing you could do about it? Think again, there are solutions to improve the accuracy of your GPS and they are very simple.

How can you improve the accuracy of your GPS?

I will answer this question by using a completely free application available on the Play Store. I’ll show you step-by-step how you can improve this sensitivity, everything will be accompanied by explanatory images so everyone can get there without any problems. See if you meet the conditions, then follow these different steps:


  • Have a rooted phone (Isn’t it? Follow this tutorial)
  • Grant read and write rights to system files (root grants them automatically)


  • To organise faster GPS
Google Play store
  • To throw faster GPS
  • choose Europe on the mainland
  • choose France in the country
Images from FasterGPS
  • Your GPS is configured

FasterGPS app replaces system file “gps.conf” contains the configuration of your GPS. The change is only made at the NTP server level, which will become a server for your country following your selection. Having a server that corresponds to its region rather than a server will improve GPS accuracy and display time in case of location changes.

Of course, the FasterGPS app isn’t the only app to improve your GPS, but be careful not to rely on any app. If that doesn’t suit you or doesn’t work for you, I suggest you try FasterFix, which is limited to smartphones with a version prior to 4.2.

There are other solutions

If the previous steps did not improve your GPS, you are not lost. Many things can cause your GPS to become unstable or a very tedious inaccuracy. Below I will mention some of the problems you may have and give tips on how to fix them.

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calibrate your compass


One of the possible problems is the calibration of your device’s compass, if it is poorly calibrated you may be disoriented. If the direction your compass is pointing at is distorted, your GPS apps will have a lot of trouble tracking you accurately along your route.

It’s very simple, you just need to download the GPS Essentials app by clicking the link below. Go to”Compass” app and if the compass is not working, press the menu button on your smartphone and follow the steps to calibrate it.

Google Play store

Reset your phone / Install a new ROM

If nothing works for you, there may be a problem with the system in your Android device. If you are on a Custom ROM in alpha or beta, for example not a stable version, there is a risk that your GPS will not work well. Sure, it’s not permanent, but some ROMs in development may have GPS issues.

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If you want to handle either of the two, you can try resetting your phone’s data keeping the same ROM, or you can try your luck with an official ROM or a more stable Custom ROM.