How to Update Your Facebook Status with Siri

The brand new iPhone 4S comes with Siri, a great personal assistant that can do many things with voice commands.

Unfortunately, Siri is still in the early stages of development, which means it won’t be able to access your apps and every part of your iPhone.

I showed you how to tweet with Siri, and now I’ll show you how to set up Facebook so you can update your status with Siri.

We hope Siri will be able to launch apps and execute complex commands in the near future, but until then, you can text your Facebook status update with Siri.

How to Post on Facebook with Siri

Since Siri can send text messages, you need to activate your iPhone 4S on your Facebook account.

1. Sign in to Facebook and .

2. – > (or click this link)

Connect your iPhone 4S to your Facebook account.

3. If your phone number has not been added to Facebook yet, add it with .

Post to Facebook with Siri Verification

Enter the code Facebook sent to your iPhone.

4. You need to message Facebook and then be the only person on your account who can post.

5. On your iPhone. I think Siri works better if you add Facebook as a first name rather than a business.

6. Add the number to the Facebook contact.

7. Press the and keys for 2 seconds.

8. When Siri rings, say:

How to broadcast on Facebook with Siri?

How to broadcast on Facebook with Siri?

9. You need to keep your update under 160 characters and speak punctuation.

10. Siri will show you the message and ask for confirmation. Press confirm or say yes to post on Facebook.

Post to Facebook with Siri

Example Facebook status made with Siri.

These status updates will appear on your Facebook timeline just as if you used the iPhone app or posted to your computer. This is a handy way to update Facebook on the go.

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