How to Transfer Pokémon GO to Your New iPhone or Android Device

Since it captured the imaginations of millions around the world, Pokémon GO did not slow down. Thousands flock to the parks and local landmarks every day in hopes of catching one of the game’s mighty creatures. Pokémon GO It doesn’t look like one of those games that linger in public for a few months and then fade into the background. If you are playing the game, chances are high that you will revisit the game in the coming weeks and months. At some point you will need to transfer Pokémon GO.

If you’re going to play any game for a long time, there are practical things to consider. Pokémon GO requires investment. You spend time searching for creatures in your neighborhood. You spend your energy with different strategies to get as much Candy as possible for the next evolution of your favorite Pokémon. If you’ve had problems getting a place in gyms, you can invest some of your real money in game items. When you switch phones, you want to make sure your entire experience can go with you.

Fortunately, it can. Built by developer Niantic Labs Pokémon GO allowing gamers to take all their experience with them when they decide to upgrade their Android device or switch between iPhones. Here’s how to transfer Pokémon GO to your new iPhone or Android device.

Before You Begin

transfer Pokémon GO transferring it to your new smartphone is probably the easiest thing to do with the game.

when you first start with Pokémon GO You had to log in with one of two different account types. The first was a Pokémon Trainer Club Account. The second was a Google Account. Trainer Club Accounts are used throughout the Pokémon franchise, so if you’ve used it, you’ll probably remember it. To be honest, you probably went with a Google Account.

Whichever account you use, you will need the username and password for it. Fortunately, the game tells you which of the two account types you are using.

on your old iPhone or Android device. After the loading screen, tap on Pokeball at the bottom of your screen.

pokemon go transfer (1)

Tap on it now.

pokemon go transfer (2)

Scroll to the bottom of the list of options and you’ll be presented with the option to Sign Out. log out, be sure to note the type of account you are using.

pokemon go transfer (3)

Transfer Pokémon GO to Your New Phone

Armed with the username of the account you are using Pokémon GO Now, go ahead and download the game to your brand new smartphone or tablet from the corresponding store of the device. If you’re getting a new iPhone, the game should be automatically re-added when you connect your iPhone to iTunes on your PC or Mac to sync your media and calendar. Android users will need to download the game again from the Google Play Store.

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Now, just sign in Pokémon GO using the username you found on your old iPhone or Android device. You will need to reset your account password if you have forgotten it since joining the game. Depending on the type of account you have, this might be a bit more involved. Google forces users to provide a number sent to them as a text message when successfully signing in on a device they haven’t used in the past. If you are changing phone numbers, make sure you have your old phone with you when logging into the game on the new phone.


Pokémon Trainer Club Accounts can be reset from the web here. Note that if you need to reset your account for any reason, the new password will need to be used on each device or website where you use the Trainer Club Account.

This much. When you log in, all of your information – every Pokémon you’ve ever caught – should be in the Gyms where you left them. Every item in your old smartphone should be ready for you to use. Your in-game Trainer should not change.

Congrats on your new phone Pokémon GO.