How to Manually Add Data to Health App on iPhone

When it comes to tracking health and wellness data, Apple Health remains my best bet for the long haul. In addition to having a number of health-focused features such as hearing health and cycle monitoring, the app excels at accurately measuring a variety of metrics. But that doesn’t mean that getting Mathematics right will never fail. Many times, I found that the app could not count walking and running distance with the desired accuracy. And when that happens, I feel like losing the challenge before completing the goal. Fortunately, there is always a simple way to add data to a health category on iPhone. If you belong to the same ballpark as me, let me show you how you can manually add data to the health app on iPhone.

Manually Update Health App Data on iPhone

Apple Health, users configure data from various categories, including activity, body measurements, heart rate, awareness and more. So if you find the inconsistency in tracking data a little too much to handle, you can take control. The Health app also lets you view apps that have permission to update your health data. And depending on your needs, you can also manage the data of each app. Enough talking? Let’s get to the steps, shall we?

1. Start Health application on your iPhone.

2. Tap now. Search tab below.

Tap the Browse tab at the bottom

3. Under Health Category In the section, tap a specific category, such as Activity.

Tap on Event

4. Next, tap a subcategory like Steps.

Tap a subcategory

5. Next, tap . add data in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap Add Data

6. Now, enter the correct date, time and data for this activity. Finally, tap on Add In the upper right corner to finish.

Enter steps and date

Check Which Apps Are Allowed To Update Your Health Data

1. Start Health app on your iPhone and then Tap your profile picture.

hit your avatar

2. under Privacy section, tap on apps

Tap on Apps

3. On this screen you should see all compatible apps. Now, tap on a specific app. Then manage health data according to your needs.

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Choose compatible apps

Note: In some cases, you need to launch the app and customize its setting before it can share data with the Apple Health app.

Manually Update Health Data on iPhone

Come in! So you can manually add data to the Health app on your iPhone. Use this simple trick to update the information when you find that the app is not able to save the data correctly. By the way, what do you think of this feature? Also, let us know what improvements you’d like to see in the Health app in the upcoming iOS release.