Free Up Disk Space: How to Delete Old iPhone and iPad Backups

It was once a commercial win, thanks to the extra disk space, small solid-state drives, and large iPhoto libraries. If you need to free up space on your Mac OS X Lion, for more photos or just to take a breather; We found a great way to free up disk space — delete old iPhone and iPad backup files.

Every time you back up your iPhone or iPad to your computer, you are creating an appropriately sized file containing all the important information on your device. Having one of these backups on hand is great, but many users have multiple backups that take up tons of disk space. We were able to recover about 8GB on one machine and 15GB on the other — we were just removing old, outdated iPhone and iPad backups.

Remove iPhone and iPad Backups

1. Open iTunes

2. Click (or on Windows)

3. Click

How to delete iPhone backups in iTunes?

4. Highlight your old backups (leave your most recent backup)

5. Click .

That is all. Deleting these old backups is an easy way to free up a significant amount of storage without choosing which pictures to keep, sorting music, and spending an afternoon on large files.

If you need to find more files, we recommend using it. Great Perspective. This free app shows you a visual representation of your drive usage and allows you to click through large files for further investigation or deletion.

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