Google Messenger version 2.0 is finally available with a new interface

Smartphones are used for pretty much anything and everything these days. But there is always one segment that is more represented than the other: social apps. After all, our smartphones are still phones, and therefore our most constant connection to those around us.

We once used SMS as our preferred communication tool. Since then, times have changed and these are getting old. In addition, apps like WhatsApp have taken a large part of the market and have a lot more features.

However, Google managed to make SMS a little more user-friendly with Messenger, a simple, practical and very light SMS management application. This Moved to version 2.0 today and has undergone a design overhaul.

But nothing too flashy. The most noticeable change assign tonow uses the design of Allo and Duo for greater consistency across the Google app universe. This can also be seen in the app’s interface, where the bubbles are rounder and the text thinner.

The greater emphasis on “SMS”, replacing “message” in the previous version, shows that the developer now really wants it. impose Google Hello Like the instant chat app, it left Messenger to the last people still using text messages.

But we’ll still have to go a long way, because the latter is having a hard time establishing itself. On the contrary, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger were voted top security kings by Amnesty International today and remain top 2 chat apps worldwide.

You can wait for this new version to be available directly on the Play Store or just Download APK To get it now.

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