Leak: documents contain new details about ‘Marvel’s Wolverine’

The nightmare of Insomniac Games continues with additional leaks of ‘Marvel’s Wolverine’ content, as revealed by Insider Gaming. More videos from the game’s early stages of development are now circulating online, providing a broad look at the production.

The leaked documents outline the title’s release during fiscal year 2026, revealing crucial information about the story, gameplay, and cast of characters that make up Logan’s journey.

New information about Wolverine game

Spoiler Alert: Available details include missions, maps, and gameplay elements, so those curious are advised to avoid potential spoilers.

‘Marvel’s Wolverine’ is set to offer 40 missions, with a campaign that will span around 15 hours of gameplay.

The diversity of missions will include combat, stealth strategies, exploration, puzzle challenges and boss clashes.

Skill tree was one of the leaks that occurred – Image: X (former Twitter)/Reproduction

Among the missions, one stands out as a potential competitor for the title of GOTY 2026. In this scenario, players will experience a stealth sequence, assisted by Jean Gray in intense action segments. The chase will culminate in an epic showdown against the formidable boss Deathstrike.

The playable territories of ‘Marvel’s Wolverine’ will cover four maps: Alaska, Avalon, Shinjuku and Madripoor. Of these, Shinjuku and Madripoor will offer vast spaces, featuring elements such as vehicles, pedestrians and a fast travel system.

The title’s additional content will include challenges such as “Living Memory” (puzzles), “Rewards” (crossings) and “Jobs” (combat), along with collectible items that will contribute to building the narrative and customizing costumes.

As for Wolverine’s gameplay abilities, players will have access to a combo system, with options for light and heavy attacks.

Logan You can launch enemies into the air, run towards them and finish them with a fatal blow, as long as they are in a vulnerable state or with low health.

Additionally, news about the game’s cast was revealed. Liam McIntyre, known for his role in ‘Spartacus’ and ‘Gears of War’, takes the lead as Wolverine, while Krizia Bajos will voice Jean Grey.

The iconic villain Mr. Sinister will be played by Troy Baker, while Jolean Kim will play Yuriko Oyama, also known as Deathstrike.

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The history of ‘Marvel‘s Wolverine’ will revolve around the initial alliance between Logan and Jean, gradually turning into a romantic relationship, as they pursue Sinister and his team of mercenaries.

Throughout the game, they will face threats such as the Reavers, the Hand and notorious characters such as Omega Red, Mystique and Sabretooth.

As details of the game continue to spread, Insomniac Games has issued an official statement expressing its frustration with the leaks. Despite the situation, the company ensures that development continues as planned.

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