Extra fee on Prime Video generates lawsuit against Amazon

A user of the streaming service AmazonPrime Video, decided to take the name of Jeff Bezos’ company to court due to dissatisfaction with a change in relation to the service offered by the platform.

According to information from the portal Varietythe customer’s complaint is related to Amazon charging an additional fee so that its users do not need to view advertisements while using the streaming service.

The customer alleges, in this regard, that Amazon is involved in deceptive advertising practices.

After all, until recently, a Prime Video subscription in the US guaranteed an ad-free viewing experience.

However, the company changed the policy and started to include ads as standard in the American version of the service.

For an ad-free experience on Amazon Prime Video, Now is need to pay an additional fee.

Customer takes Amazon Prime to court due to the fee and other costs generated by the platform – Image: Reproduction

Brazilian users

Although the legal action is taking place in the USA, it is worth mentioning that Brazilian Prime Video users should also be affected by a change from Amazon, but of a different nature: price increase.

Starting in March, the monthly price for subscribing to the service in Brazil will rise from R$14.90 to R$19.90.

In summary, the lawsuit in the US could serve as a precedent for other similar actions in different countries, if Amazon continues with this advertising policy on Prime Video.

Therefore, the company must find a balance between offering a quality streaming service at a competitive price to maintain its user base in Brazil.

After all, the future of Prime Video in Brazil will depend on Amazon’s ability to respond to consumer demands and adapt to market changes.

If you need help with possible changes to the service, we recommend contacting Amazon through its official channels, such as customer service, or through social media.

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