Is Split competitive in Valorant? Speculation arises as the ion pack showcase mounts the map

The Valorant meta is in a critical state right now. with the developers recently. Removed Split Due to its unranked and competitive queue, Split had no chance of returning at any time in the meta. However, the release of the Ion 2.0 weapon skin trailer has raised speculation quite a lot, mostly for all the wrong reasons. This is mainly because the action on the map takes place on Split, a map that has long been removed from the competitive queue and fans really the map is set to returnmuch faster than anyone expected.

Is Split competitive in Valorant?

With the fall of the new agent PortFans are already overflowing with exclusive content coming their way in the form of a new weapon skin, a new battle pass, and a new battle pass. Space Adventure, Iridian Thorn Collection with a host of new companions, player cards and sprays. However, despite the many factors at play, the raging question still remains among fans: Is Split returning to the competitive meta??

Riot has been quiet about this, and so far nothing has come from the developers about the re-entry of the map. However, Valorant easter eggs trailers and in-game to get a bigger audience response during the release and it might just be a similar kind of stunt. No official statement It’s been released by Riot Games so far and has sparked wild speculation all over the internet.

However, this can only result in one of two ways: First, Riot and its developers may indeed want to re-add the division to the meta, in which case fans have reason to be excited about getting some kind of map back. mixed reaction. Alternatively, Valorant just map structure for trailer With no intention of relaunching it anytime in the near future, this will deeply disappoint fans.

re-presentation of maps just before The start of Valorant Challengers The tournament could upset several pro teams’ plans, so Valorant will have to take that into account when making any map-related decisions. Additionally, re-adding the map will mean an extra map for the new Port grid to master, and it seems unlikely that Valorant will re-release the map anytime soon, as the logic behind removing the map is overcrowded.

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