Jett Dash Coming in Nerfs Patch 4.08: Valorant Devs Finally Nerfing Jett’s Tailwind

In patch 4.08, Jett Dash became the poster girl for Nerfs: Valorant from the game’s beta days. Jett has arguably been the best agent for the longest time, and finally, Jett Dash Nerfs is coming with Patch 4.08. Hopefully other duelists get more playtime after this nerf set.

Jett Dash Nerfs Coming With Patch 4.08

Jett has always been the most picked agent in both pro games and casual Valorant lobbies. Jett isn’t even close to his initial state, but he’s still the most chosen and most powerful agent in the game. Previously, Jett had a lot of nerfs affecting every ability except his tailwind, and it was his tailwind that made him so powerful in the first place. So no matter how much Riot pissed him off, it remained the top pick in both casual and competitive play.

Jett Dash Coming in Nerfs Patch 4.08: Valorant Devs Finally Nerfing Jett's Tailwind
Jett Dash Coming in Nerfs Patch 4.08: Valorant Devs Finally Nerfing Jett’s Tailwind

Tailwind will be hit hard in the latest patch, here are the notes:

  • When the skill key is pressed after a short delay, Jett activates a 12-second window where the next button is pressed, where he’s authorized to be thrown immediately.
  • Tailwind load is lost even if Dash or window expireshowever, it can still be regained with two kills.

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Rebel justified this great anger and explained the key factors that prompted them to take this step. said,

  • The line had no preconditions, so it always had access to its escape power without making a deliberate decision. This freedom gave Jett the undesirable capacity to constantly take up space or hold unusual ground without having to commit to his ability. This game setup is something no other Agent can match and allows Jett to apply an excessive amount of pressure on a match, which can be overwhelming, especially in high MMRs or pro play.
  • This deliberate lack of decision-making made it feel like he was playing outside of the tactical cycle on which all our other Agents depended. More often than not, he didn’t have to capitalize on the sense of play other Agents needed to succeed, as throwing reactive could often override his own strategic mistakes or his opponents’ big tactical calls.
  • As we mentioned at Controller Deep Dive, one of our key design philosophies is that Agents are sharp and provide both clear pluses and opportunity costs over their peers. Jett’s strength as both a fast executioner on offense and holding angles with Op – with unlimited dodging access – put his broad power at little disadvantage. We want him to retain as much of his offensive power as possible, but reduce his Op power on defense.
  • Even in highly coordinated gameplay, he proved very difficult to strategize against, and his access to the instant escape (not to mention the two optional smokescreens) marginalized many of the tools the rest of the Agents had to deal with.

The developers hope that once Jett’s basic ability is achieved, other duelists will eventually get a fair shot in both casual and competitive scenarios.

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