The Benefits of Using Stacked Monitors for Professional Video Editors

If you’re a professional video editor, you probably already know all about the pains of using a single screen. One screen may be suitable for regular office users, but video editors need a stacked monitor setup for a seamless video editing workflow. Otherwise, they end up crowding their timelines, audio meters, bins, and everything else on the same monitor, which can feel restrictive.

Stacked monitors offer an effective solution with a wide range of additional benefits, making them an increasingly common setup among professional video editors. In this article, we’ll delve into the top six benefits of using stacked monitors for video editing.

6 Benefits of Using Stacked Monitors for Video Editors

Here are the six key advantages that stacked monitors offer video editors:

1. More Visual Real Estate

Stacked monitors offer significantly more screen real estate, which helps you space out your video editing elements. You also get full access to windows, panels, and bins, so you no longer have to constantly open and close them.

Moreover, this setup offers more vertical space for your timeline. It allows you to keep your fonts larger than the default settings of your video editing software and view files more easily.

The Geminos stacked monitors are a fantastic option among vertical monitors. These monitors feature a 24-inch 1080p FHD display, giving you more screen space.


2. Portrait Mode

One disadvantage of using horizontally oriented or side-by-side monitors is that they prevent optimal viewing of portrait photos and documents. A stacked screen setup, on the other hand, offers easier viewing of files in portrait mode. This makes it more convenient to view portrait photos, read long documents, and edit videos.

3. Monitoring Programs Full Screen

A vertical monitor setup allows you to view programs in full-screen mode and see everything more clearly. This further allows you to notice the most minor faults and ensure a high level of accuracy with better editing results. It also prevents eye strain and ensures more comfort while working.

4. Better Organization

With a stacked monitor setup, you can place your audio meters, bins, and other tools on one monitor and your video viewers and timeline on the other one. This helps you organize your workflow better and toggle between your different windows and programs more easily, thus ensuring a streamlined video editing process.

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Stacked monitors also keep your desktop clutter-free and easy to work with, so you can locate your files quickly and stay focused.


5. Suitable for Multitasking

Video editors often need to multitask. They may have to view files and tutorials, connect with their team members, and more, all while editing videos. A stacked screen setup can allow you to easily multitask and complete various tasks seamlessly. You can edit videos on one screen and answer team calls or email your colleagues on the other one.

You can also keep your timeline in front of you while editing cuts, making it easier to make edits without having to stop the playback.

6. Improved Productivity

As stacked monitors allow you to multitask and view multiple files in a bigger format, they speed up your work greatly. With this setup, you don’t have to minimize your project window every now and then, which helps improve your productivity and efficiency.

You can also quickly flick between different programs and tabs, saving a lot of time and effort. Stacked monitors also result in fewer distractions, so you don’t lose focus or make errors due to jumping from one window or program to another.

Mobile Pixels’ Geminos Series

The Geminos Series of stacked monitors from Mobile Pixels offers video editors an immersive and expansive visual work area. Its monitors are stacked one on top of the other through a linkage system, helping you view everything more easily.

These screens also reduce unnecessary movement. They provide a high level of ergonomics and comfort for your neck, eyes, and wrists, thus helping you avoid strain from long hours of working.

The Geminos Series comes with a built-in webcam, speakers, microphone, and other accessories. So, you don’t have to worry about buying more devices and putting them on your work desk. The result? You not only save money but also avoid cluttering your workspace. 

The Geminos Series also features a top-notch front-facing full HD camera with a clear 1080p resolution, adjustable height, adjustable viewing angles, 15-degree tilt rotation control, and more.

It is also compatible with different devices like Windows, macOS, Xbox, and PlayStation. It’s one of the best options among stacked monitors in the market today that ensure high value for money.

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Stacked monitors effectively increase your screen real estate and ease your workflow to improve productivity and efficiency. Mobile Pixels’ Geminos Series of stacked monitors helps you easily implement a stacked monitor setup for your work while also offering extensive features.