Samsung XR: mixed reality headset reveals technical datasheet and default price upfront

Smartphone manufacturers seem to want to step up mixed reality, mixing virtual and augmented reality (which overlaps with what we see). Lately, Apple With the Vision Pro helmet, which aims to revolutionize our daily lives, it made a lot of noise in this regard. It was enough for competition to enter the sector and SAMSUNG long before an official announcement, here it is in the limelight.

Chinese site VRTuoluo, in an article published since it was deleted, Samsung XR specifications and price (for “Augmented Reality” or Extended Reality). The design that shows itself in the photograph reminds us of this.this is still a prototype. looks like right now HTC Vive or Meta Quest, . Features 4 motion tracking cameras will include in the corners 2 RGB cameras for color “transition”, a system that convincingly recreates and interacts with your real environment in 3D. A depth sensor be careful pay attention to your surroundings and the movements of your hands.

Samsung XR announced expected features and price

The Korean giant’s helmet is equipped with two OLED micro-displays and a Exynos 2200 processor. As a reminder, this is the chip that will equip the Galaxy S23 FE and high energy consumption. The Samsung XR will not have controllers like the HTC Vive. It is your eyes and hands that will be used to encourage movements and interactions..

Where the helmet might be of interest is in the price level. It will cost between 1000 and 2000 dollars. a large amount, but Well below the $3500 claimed by Apple for his model. Of course, all this information should be carefully considered. Some reports show that Samsung would delay the release of the mixed reality headset to mid 2024. wants a builder Complete review to better compete with Vision Pro.

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