Mac mini: Upgrade from 256GB to 2TB storage possible and only costs $100

The Mac Mini M2 is truly versatile and has an extremely attractive price/performance ratio. Currently, the apple-stamped mini tower costs less than €700 in its minimal configuration based on the M2 processor with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It’s far from a cheap property sheet, but SSD’s low capacity will soon be a problem in most cases.

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Theoretically not so, as Apple takes care to solder the SSD to the motherboard. it is no longer possible to replace the hard drive Therefore, with only 256GB of storage, users will have to quickly resort to external hard drives to transfer their data. As is often the case with Apple, it must be said, component prices skyrocket when configuring a computer on the company’s site.

This Youtuber shows you how to replace your Mac Mini’s SSD and save a huge sum

To equip your Mac Mini M2 with a 2TB SSD you’ll have to pay an extra €920, while an equivalent size NVMe SSD memory module costs just around a hundred euros online. After you show us how fit mac mini to wiiLuke Miani teaches us today how to replace Mac Mini’s SSD ourselves and save 800 € on the go.

However, keep in mind that disassembling this computer is out of everyone’s reach. just not necessary adequate equipment, but you also need to have nimble fingers so as not to break any components. firm Cupertino took care to soak as many pieces in glue as possible.and as Luke points out, “it’s pretty hard to remove them cleanly without damaging them or damaging the motherboard”.

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