Linky: Power outages on automatic devices are over, back to normal

This was one of the biggest fears for winter. In October, Enedis announced possible power cuts to its grid during off-peak hours to conserve energy, an industry that is in the midst of a crisis following the war in Ukraine. More than 5 million Linky meter users in France were affected by the measurement. In particular, this allowed the automatic activation of certain devices, such as the hot water tank, to be interrupted for a maximum of 2 hours between 11:00 and 15:30.

The last date Enedis announced for the end of these restrictions was May 15, 2023. It looks like this date has been pushed back a few days. Indeed, TotalEnergies announced the good news today to its customers via email, which Moyens I/O’s editorial team can consult. “Enedis reprogrammed the corresponding 4.3 million meters in France”, the supplier writes. Untimely cuts are a thing of the past.

End of power outages on Linky network during off-peak hours

Total continues to inform its customers that some households may wait a few more days for the reactivation to take effect. If you are one of the latter, Enedis has until May 15 to take the necessary action. Also, customers taking advantage of the peak/off-peak rate will not see their invoices changed as a result of this unforeseen event.

While this measure did not have a dramatic impact on the daily life of the French people concerned, it is still reassuring to see that the government and Enedis did not need to be prosecuted over time. The total indicates that the device has saved a large amount of energy necessary for the smooth operation of the country during this difficult period.

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