TousAntiCovid app shortens battery life, official

TousAntiCovid, the contact tracing application that replaced StopCovid, a significant impact on the battery life of smartphonesreport our colleagues Capital city. Questioned by the media, the General Directorate of Health (DGS) admits that the anti-coronavirus tracking application reduces the autonomy of mobile phones.

“There may be a slightly higher consumption leading to an additional charge, but technical developments have made it possible to limit the additional consumption: approximately 15 minutes less time per daydepending on the phones” Explains the General Directorate of Health (DGS). Obviously, everything depends on the overall autonomy of the smartphone. Older devices whose batteries are already showing signs of fatigue are likely to be more severely affected than newer smartphones.

DGS recommends enabling TousAntiCovid only in “risk situations”.

To limit the impact of TousAntiCovid on your smartphone battery, DGS,activate the tracking app only when you go out. “Do not use the app only in ‘risky’ situations, especially in situations where it is not possible to wear a mask, where distancing measures are poorly enforced, or in very busy public places (for example, while in transport, in a restaurant, at a job, etc.)” Explains the General Directorate of Health.

Unlike StopCovid, TousAntiCovid can be disabled manually by the user. Therefore, you do not need to leave the app active when you are at home. only reactivate with one click before getting on public transport or going anywhere.

Micha Benoliel, the founder of Nodle, one of the startups behind the TousAntiCovid application, accept that the solution has exhausted the autonomy of their smartphones. “The real question is whether we’re ready to give a little more battery for protection… it doesn’t even come up for me. It’s obvious” Advance Micha Benoliel. What do you think of the words of the founder of Nodle? Do you agree that TousAntiCovid reduces the autonomy of your phone? We welcome your feedback in the comments.

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