Spotify is now free and unlimited on all devices

We told you about this a few days ago. Today, the rumor has just been confirmed by the company’s CEO: the music streaming service spotify now available as free and unlimited in all Mobile devices under Android and iOS as well as on PC. In return and to justify the existence of a paid version of € 9.99 per month, the reading will only be offered randomly.

However, as the official press release explains, the random nature of the offering isn’t offensive here, as long as you can pick any album, artist, or Playlist you want to listen to.

Spotify goes free on Android and iOS on mobile and tablet

As the firm’s CEO explains, this approach of doing Free Spotify on all devices Its sole purpose is to provide the user with the best free music experience in smartphone history.

Until then, Spotify’s mobile users only had 10 hours of free listening per month, now the limit has been removed and listening becomes unlimited. Advertising is of course still present and will make the service profitable as only 6 million of the service’s 24 million users have paid subscriptions.

Moreover, thanks to this initiative, Spotify offers itself a great competitive advantage over its rival Deezer, whose mobile version is currently paid. Obviously, the risk is that users of the paid version will unsubscribe.

Also note that the catalog continues to expand, with the music streaming service just integrating Led Zeppelin. An innovation that should please many users.

If you haven’t downloaded the mobile app yet, now is the time to go to the Play Store and download it.

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