Snapchat’s French rival Pikichat was launched in a week!

While most apps exist in great anonymity, some stand out and attract thousands or even millions of users. This is especially true for Snapchat, an app for ephemeral photos that is hugely popular with teens and teens, so much so that Facebook has offered $3 billion to cover it. It seems that success / popularity gave ideas to two French engineers.

Two French developed Pikichat in one week!

Here’s a story Americans love, when two young 26-year-old engineers chose to isolate themselves for a week to create an app, a website, come up with a name and register a domain. The success of Adrien Dulong and Rémi Bardoux who did the same at the end of April. Conclusion ? A Snapchat-like app called Pikichat (no it’s not Pokemon).

Pikichat is kind of At the crossroads between WhatsApp and Snapchat as long as it allows you to chat with your groups of friends (like WhatsApp) and also send temporary photos (like Snapchat, you’ll understand). Photos and comments can also be posted anonymously in the friend group. The app, which went online on May 9, seems to find an audience especially among young people, as Rémi Bardoux explains:

We are aware that users between the ages of 20 and 30 are also fond of it. […] Photo is one of the most powerful communication tools, we would like to create new keyboard with photos to ask questions.

To share their experiences, the two engineers created a blog where they explain why they chose this name in particular. Many sites well known to tech geeks, including TechRadar, have mentioned Pikichat on their sites. I’m impressed with the quality of the app. More than 3000 people in at least 24 countries have downloaded the app without any other form of advertising.

We’re still a long way from American-style “success stories,” but adventure looks promising. The two young men hope to raise a fundraiser to last for six months or a year. Next steps? Adapt the application for Android or add new ideas / functions. Share your thoughts on this story.

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