Samsung Pay: This is how the contactless payment system works!

Samsung’s brand new contactless payment system is about to take its first steps in Europe with the help of a French company, Oberthur Technologies. This association should allow the Korean manufacturer to have a better knowledge of the market while setting up its system in the region as much as possible. A big project is coming direct competition with other solutions of the same kind.

Note that Samsung made the payment solution official during the 2015 MWC. Second, it will allow users to use their smartphones to pay for daily purchases, provided the merchant owns it. compatible payment terminals. Oberthur has already worked to secure the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Oberthur has worked to secure near field communication, the famous NFC, for the Galaxy S6. The operation promises to be very simple for the user, hope is essential. install this solution for general public.

Therefore, the procedure is intended to be very simple as Oberthur reveals a bit more about the service that should be officially launched later in the year. All the user has to do take a photo of your credit card Manually enter numbers on or above. Samsung Pay integrates this information and then prompts you to accept the terms of use.

The next step involves identification by the user’s bank, only then Oberthur can integrate the NFC payment card into the embedded secure item (eSE). At this very moment it happens possible to pay with his favorite smartphone.

To be more efficient with contactless payments, as the recent acquisition of LoopPay has proven, Samsung is putting all the possibilities on its side anyway. idea, so to be a leader and pulling the rug under Apple, which sees itself as the Caliph rather than the Caliph, with Apple Pay. The next few months will be decisive.


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