Latest version of Windows 11 raises big concerns, wait before installing

The latest Windows 11 update, KB5026446, is now available. If it is not installed on your computer, It is recommended not to download for now. Indeed, it leads to many embarrassing errors, even annoying.

According to Windows Latest, this is an optional update, however, some users have noticed that it is installed automatically. If this is the case for your PC, it is recommended to go back to the previous version. For others, do not download in Windows Update tool.

Windows 11 welcomes one final wobbly update

This update causes many problems for users. In fact, many flashbacks since its installation refer to apps that no longer start or crash regularly. For example, Microsoft Store and Game Pass are completely broken. We ourselves had to go back to the previous version of Windows to launch these applications as written.

Here is a list of the most important issues mentioned so far:

  • Crashes in Microsoft Store and Game Pass
  • Computer no longer restarts in sleep mode
  • Fan control no longer possible
  • Keyboard and mouse no longer recognized
  • Controller is no longer recognized on ROG Ally
  • Errors during installations

If you accidentally installed this update, do not panic. Sufficient To revert to the previous version of Windows. You have to go to the branch for this. settingsthen in tab windows update (bottom left). Then you should go Update Historythen in the menu Uninstall updates. From here select KB5026446 and uninstall it. Once this is done, the problems should go away.

Microsoft has not yet reacted to the problem, but there is no doubt that a fix will be rolled out for all users soon.

Source : Latest Windows

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